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Barbaroslar Episode 17 Urdu & English Subtitles HD

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In Barbaroslar episode 18, Oruj sets out to return to Alexandria in the Kilic boat after killing the capers. Asia gives Despina some medicine. Oruj expresses deep gratitude to Shahin for coming to his rescue. Pietro finds that the pirates who have gone to the far zone cannot kill Oruj, and he becomes very angry with Antoine. Antoine apologizes and asks him for another chance to kill Oruj. Oruj comes to Alexandria with his relatives and takes care of Ishaq.
Barbaros 17 Pietro makes a request to Esther and takes a snake to prison to have their conversation. Esther tells Pietro that she needs Oruj to solve the puzzle in the book. Pietro was quick to say he was going to Alexandria with his warriors. Isabelle goes to the forest to secretly meet Oruj, but is attacked by several hooligans. Oruj goes to the forest and helps Isabel. Pietro appears in Alexandria for a short time.
In Barbaroslar episode 17, when Isabel is talking to Oruj at the inn, Pietro appears there as a representative and starts joking with them. Pietro says he really wants to meet Oruj and he will finally meet him. After Dervish steals food from the children on the street, Pietro stops him. Pietro said the older man let him in and tried to talk to him. Dervish said there was nothing Pietro could do.

Barbaroslar Episode 17 Urdu Subtitles HD

Barbarossa 17 Pietro leaves, kills Oruj and devises a plan to revive him the next day. Silvio reads the strange letter from Unita and says that he will now take action to control all Muslims. Hizir confesses to Oruj that he hopes to save Esther and the book. Oruj says there is no boat yet and they have to come up with a point by point plan. Silvio was immediately angry with Isabel for Oruj’s support and gave her a stern warning.
In Barbaroslar, episode 17, Oruj and his soldiers sneak into Kalymnos. He rarely realized that this was a ruse, and he hoped Pietro would sort it out soon. Oruj started moving into the royal residence step by step. Pietro discovers that Oruj has invaded the island and immediately hides the book in a mysterious place in his room. Hizir frees Esther from prison and mentions that Oruj will soon bring her back to the boat.

Barbaroslar Episode 17 English Subtitles HD

Barbarossa 16 Oruj goes to the launch site on the horses he took from the stables. Hizir and Nico looked around the room but didn’t find the book. Hizir started checking the room partitions and after a while found a confusing compartment in the partition. Isaac notices that Yorgo is crying outside the apartment and says he wants to kill him. When Hizir wanted to run away with the book, Pietro came into the room and said he wanted to kill him.

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