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Barbaroslar Episode 31 Urdu & English Subtitles HD

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In Barbaroslar Episode 31, after freeing Gabriel, Oruj returns to Kelemez and immediately starts looking for Sahbaz. Gabriel begins to struggle to lose Levita. Gabriel said Sahbaz would do more damage to Turkey by using his men in Kelemez. Oruj goes to customs but cannot find Sahbaz there. Sahbaz understood that he had to leave Kelemez and asked his people in the city to attack everyone.

A man shoots Oruj, but Antoine sacrifices himself to save his friend’s life. Oruj asked the sailors to immediately bring Antoine to the city. Meryem says she will secretly board a boat in the bay to catch Sahsenem. Doctors removed the bullet from Antoine’s body but said he lost a lot of blood. Hizir finds out that Meryem will go to the bay and stop Sahbaz.
Meryem says Hizir will definitely come. Oruj says Pasha has defended Sahbaz all this time and insists he will be punished. Oruj says he will not let Pasha do any more damage to the island and asks Hamzah to take full control of the island. Hamza accepts this offer and asks Pasha to swear allegiance to Oruj.

The doctor said Antoine’s life was in danger. Dervish put his hand on Antoine’s chest. Meanwhile, Antoine began to dream. Antoine saw his lover, who had disappeared many years ago, and began to talk to him. Antoine’s lover said he became a Muslim before his death and asked him to help his friends. Antoine woke up not long after. Sahbaz goes to the island and continues forward, setting a trap.
Some men help Sahbaz escape. Shahin deeply regrets his sister’s murder and says he will take revenge on her. Hizir saves Meryem and says she will get well soon. Pasha says Oruj will never be able to defend the island, but Hamzah asks him to obey government orders. Oruj comes later and says Sahbaz went to Modon with Meryem. Hamza asks Oruj to provide evidence on the matter.

Hizir goes to Modon Castle and asks Gabriel to deliver Sahbaz. Gabriel said Sahbaz was already a Venetian citizen and would never betray him. Sahbaz and Shahin start fighting but Dodge stops them. The doge offered Hizir a chest full of gold to quit his job, but failed to convince him. Antoine went into the basement that night and heard a man reading the Koran. Then Antoine saw Dervish and told him about his dream.

Pasha said that he would be happy to help Ilyas. Hamza asks Oruj to stop preparing for war, but he cannot convince him. Sahbaz said he would send many pirates to Kelemez and put his men in Pasha’s place, and Dodge liked the plan. Elias talks to Oruj to bring the ship he bought to the port and gets his approval. Oruj again asked Elias to come back, but he didn’t change his mind.

Barbaroslar Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles HD

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Barbarossa 31 Pietro leaves, kills Oruj and devises a plan to revive him the next day. Silvio reads the strange letter from Unita and says that he will now take action to control all Muslims. Hizir confesses to Oruj that he hopes to save Esther and the book. Oruj says there is no boat yet and they have to come up with a point by point plan. Silvio was immediately angry with Isabel for Oruj’s support and gave her a stern warning.
In Barbaroslar, episode 30, Oruj and his soldiers sneak into Kalymnos. He rarely realized that this was a ruse, and he hoped Pietro would sort it out soon. Oruj started moving into the royal residence step by step. Pietro discovers that Oruj has invaded the island and immediately hides the book in a mysterious place in his room. Hizir frees Esther from prison and mentions that Oruj will soon bring her back to the boat.

Barbaroslar Episode 31 English Subtitles HD

Barbarossa 31 Oruj goes to the launch site on the horses he took from the stables. Hizir and Nico looked around the room but didn’t find the book. Hizir started checking the room partitions and after a while found a confusing compartment in the partition. Isaac notices that Yorgo is crying outside the apartment and says he wants to kill him. When Hizir wanted to run away with the book, Pietro came into the room and said he wanted to kill him.

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