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Destan Episode 6 Urdu & English Subtitles HD

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In Destan, episode 6, when Alpagu is talking about corpses in the castle garden, a boy comes and says that this woman is not the claws of a two-headed wolf. Khan was very surprised and wanted to question the boy. Akiz saw the tunnel exit open and started talking to Yaman. When the little boy saw Akkiz, Khan called out to him too. Akiz says he has seen this kid before.

Saltuk finds out what happened in the palace and immediately goes to Kolpan to talk. Khan says Balamir betrayed him. Balamir denies all accusations and says a new Khan should be chosen. Alpagu said the law was again and no election needed, but Balamir was against it. Alpagu says he will talk to Supreme Council soon.

Destan Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles HD

Akiz says Khan won again. Batuga asks Akiz to leave the palace and release his revenge. Akiz initially refused, but then obeyed Tegin’s orders. Sirma came out of the tunnel in the palace and saw Yemen. Batuga also came out of the tunnel and gave Yemen gold. Akiz and company immediately started to leave the palace.

Batuga approached the wall and heard the boy reading the Koran. Then Batuga opened a hole in the wall and started talking to the boy. The boy says he is reading Quran because he is feeling bad and says nails have arrived in palace. Batuga was very surprised by what the boy said and realized the nail’s plan. Just as Batuga was about to leave the dungeon with the boy, a soldier came

Destan Episode 6 English Subtitles HD

The cast and themes of the upcoming Destan series are full of energy. The long-awaited trailer for the epic series has been delivered. In Destan’s ultimate secret, Ebru Shahin Akkiz’s face screams “I’m Doug’s little girl, Akiz!” I have become a way for those who don’t have it. I found harmony to create, to free slaves and to compose my epic from the mountains to the heavens. Turkish TV series Destan tells the brave story of a young woman from the Akkiz Mountains who is blocked by Gok Khan Korkut Khan. Ebru Sahin and Oedipus Tepeli are number one stars.



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