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Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 Urdu Subtitle HD

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 with Urdu Subtitle
Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 with Urdu subtitles) don’t pay their taxes, now comes Osman Bey. Let’s see what happens next? It is wise to end your hostility towards Osman Bey. War with Byzantium ensued. Byzantium will not dare to face me! If Osman Bey goes to war against Byzantium, I will not give up my support. I have no doubts about that. The value of a person like Osman can only be measured by his enemy.

Poor thing! Sorry Sultan.
Our problem now is much more important than that bad guy. I have heard of the steps of the great war in which we will take part. I will give you a son. Thank you Lord! Thanks very much. Is there a Destur, Osman Bey? come on bro tomorrow I go to the horse. It is important to confer with the Sultan about the war. Then it was Nikola’s turn, God forbid. I hope you come back from the horse with good results, Osman Bey. I hope brother! Ha Turhan Alp is very excited.

He has important news to tell you
he is waiting for your permission. So don’t wait, let it come. Alps! Let’s see what important news you want to announce? I have a veteran sister Hermione who wants to fight under your banner. Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitle (Bolum 24) They are waiting for your permission. my god! So you vouch for these veterans? Their minds are sharp, their hearts are pure and their intentions are pure. They live for Gaza and await martyrdom. Blessed, blessed! Unauthorized permits are issued, so let them come, don’t stop! We will not embarrass you, sir. Don’t be shy, they don’t have to be ashamed either.

May Allah not separate us from gas.
Amen! Amen. We can’t trust Osman, explained the sultan while watching Osman. So we took our precautions. Let the Sultan think that my enmity with Osman is over. Is it time we made him pay to kidnap Togai and confiscate our gold? No doubt Boryuku. Do not hesitate. Does my brother have to look after the horse alone? The horse was like Gaia’s well. He knew very well what had happened to the district judge in Togai that the fine had been paid to Nicholas Gold.

Don’t worry brother. ottoman,
is there something you are hiding from me? where are you from I can’t say I’m excited about the great war that’s coming, I’m not. I can’t say anything about the muslu that Turhan Alpin brought, no. There’s something else. What will I hide from you, brother? Osman Bey, you can say or hide, that’s your job. But you can’t make me believe that nothing happened. Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitle (Bolum 24) That’s what you said. What could make your brother so happy? What excites you more than gasoline, the influx of veterans? Brothers and sisters.

Ha! Will my brother be a father?
I will be a father! Choose! I will be a victim, my wolf eyes. Your eyes are bright brother, our eyes are bright! Our eyes are bright brother! What can we do, brethren, to inform the court of the world that the wolf is coming to my mountain, bird, sheep, ottoman! I will be a victim, Mashala. We will be tired of the thesis that we have to feed the poor, my Ottomans. Let it stop, brother, let it stop! To understand that he is healthy, let him live, then we will. tozkopran



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