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Halka Episode 1 with Urdu subtitles

Halka Episode 1 with Urdu subtitles
Halka Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle, 10 month old baby Eren Karabulut was kidnapped 25 years ago. From what we gathered from the statements, the kidnappers wanted a lot of money. Halka Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle Karabulut received the amount. He was told to go to the warehouse in Silivri and go to Silivri for an exchange. Who is the captain of the hijackers? we don’t know. And I don’t think the Karabulut family knows. Neither did Eren.

Eren is dead and they left the baby behind!
He brought the money. He must have known it was a trap, but it was his son. There were six bullets in his body. Three on the chest, two on the neck and one on the head. He died instantly Ring Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle, what about the baby? What happened next was very interesting. Police arrived at the scene. They find the baby behind. No money, Eren is dead and they left the baby behind.

The baby found in the car doesn’t belong to Eren!
Interestingly, the baby found in the car did not belong to Eren. What do you mean? They replace baby Eren with another. Humeirah Karabulut goes to the train station. Eren’s wife. Soz Episode 12, Pick up the baby and don’t say a word. He didn’t mind accepting the baby as his own. Did you find his biological son? Not. We still don’t know where he is. The case has been closed. I think there’s more to it than killing Eren Karabulut.

Maybe he wants to determine his own destiny!
Think about it. You took a baby from a poor man and gave it to Humeirah Karabulut. God knows they left their real son in the slums. What you are saying is that you are destiny. “Me. I’ll write it down. Let’s start over.” Your husband dies, your baby is missing and you hold the baby to a stranger. What can I say? Why did he take this baby? I do not know. He just took it. Maybe the baby belonged to her husband, she didn’t say the police took the child away. Maybe he wants to determine his own destiny.

Who’s in prison?
Or he doesn’t want to take it from an innocent baby. Humeirah Karabulut now manages the football field. He didn’t remarry. Halka Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle, She comes out of all that and raises the child she left behind. Why has this case been reopened? They sent him to jail. Who’s in prison?



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