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Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

After hearing all of this, Mateen is stunned. He claims he left but is unable to return. However, Sarap’s mother insists that he should locate her or look for it by calling Jalal, but Mateen is evasive in his response. No cost Urdu subtitles for Insider episode 1 The serpent and his mother then come back. That’s all for now; wait for the following Revo.

Sarp’s mother and sister are waiting for him at the function. He was, however, walking to the bathroom. He enters the bathroom. and opens the toilet box to reveal the gun within. At that moment, he was enraged. He leaves and makes his way over to where the ceremony is happening in a similar manner.

He now exits his position and walks inside while yelling for the chief. Chief Yusuf At that point, everyone had separated from the group. There is terror in every place. The young men in charge of the coffee security, however, are pointing a gun at Yusuf Chief as he attempts to calm everyone down. The mother and sister of Sarap then talk. Serap claims that he has been eliminated to the chief.



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