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Kurulus Osman Episode 96 Urdu & English Subtitles HD

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 96, Selcan goes to the Ottoman tent and says that someone has attacked. As Osman tries to find out what happened, Seljan says that Cornelia is injured. Osman asks his soldiers to find this assailant immediately. Seljan said that while he was praying in his tent, a man entered, but Cornelia was injured. Barkin asked Ibrahim to stay with the tribe tonight and took him to his tent

Nicholas gave Turgut’s chest full of gold and wanted to take Igisar from him. Turgut said this offer was not enough. Nicholas said he would pay tribute to Turgut in the future. Turgut said he would consider the offer. Selkan says he will reveal the truth about Cornelia and prepare poison. Osman started investigating the deaths of Age and Iwaz again, so he asked Barkin a question
Cornelia falls ill the next day and tells Seljan that she is unwell. Osman begins investigating the crime scene with Barkin. Selkan says he poisoned Cornelia and asks her to confess the whole truth. Cornelia says she is innocent. Cherkutai shows Osman the blood he saw in the trees. Ari’s Men watch Osman from afar and prepare to attack. Ari realized that something was wrong. Osman then attacks the caravan towards Inegol, but Nikola gets out of the car. Nicholas summons his soldiers and attacks Osman. Koses also helped Osman. The masked man that Osman fought earlier appeared and attacked him.

Osman and his soldiers started to follow this masked man. The masked man kills Saltuk, but Osman catches him. Nicholas saw his master dead and was furious. Ibrahim tries to find out Cornelia’s condition but fails. Osman says that Gunduz and Aisha are still alive. Gunduz soon joined the tribe with his wife. Turgut first apologized, then Coses to Gunduz. Ibrahim and Barkin were very surprised to see this situation.

Nicholas was furious that his master was dead and killed Matheus. Arius arrived at the castle moments later. Seljan gives gifts to tribal people on behalf of Orhan. Tonight, Osman makes plans for the places he will conquer and shares them with his friends. The people of Sogut soon learned that the sultan and emperor were coming to the inn. Arius; the spy immediately relayed this information to him.

The people of Sogut were very happy to see the sultan. Osman then went to the inn and attended the meeting. The emperor asked Nicholas to calm down and forget his thoughts of revenge. The Sultan said he wanted to continue the peace agreement reached earlier. Osman says that Geyhatu was punished by Argun and the Mongol army no longer poses much of a threat.

After some thought, the Emperor accepted Osman’s terms of restoring peace to the region. The Sultan ordered that the text of this agreement be drawn up immediately. As he exits the inn, Nikola Osman stops and says he cares about the deal. Nicholas says he will kill Osman soon. Osman says if Nikola breaks this agreement, he will kill him. Sultan says he wants this peace treaty to last.

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In Kurulus Osman episode 96, Marie complains about Turgut’s activities and asks Nicholas for help. Nicholas says he will pay Turgut and make a deal. Selkan talks to Osman and lets him know that everything will be fine. Rogatus then went to the palace and started discussing what Gunduz said. Coses says he doesn’t know and the truth will soon be revealed. Gradually, Nicholas told his friends that Gregor was in Osman’s hands.

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In Kurulus Osman, episode 96, Gonja says these women are optional and starts fighting Gokce. Malhun says he made that decision himself. Rogatus said he was innocent and had no desire to damage relations with Turkey. Osman agreed and said he would send Gregor to the church in Sogut. Bala argues with Malhun about them making carpets, saying such a thing is not necessary

Kurulus Osman Episode 96 Urdu Subtitles HD

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In Kurulus Osman episode 95, Selcan is very upset with the current state of affairs and has to deal with this problem immediately. Boran began torturing Catalan officers to get him to speak, but was unable to take anything from him. Osman asked prisoners questions about conditions in Andalusia and Turkey in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Coses and his sister suddenly join the clan. Osman asked Boran to continue the cross-examination and went to see Koses.
Marie tried to see how the Turks could live in such a place. Osman invites his visitors and greets them in his tent. Selcan says the women of the two clans are currently still in touch and must continue to obey Bala. Malhun is annoyed with the current state of affairs, but remains silent. Then Bala goes to Osman’s tent and offers to divorce Marie. Osman asks Koses why did he come. Coses says he is not worried about what happens to his followers and he came thanks to Boran’s words.

Kurulus Osman Episode 96 English Subtitles HD

Publishing date is 02-06-2022

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