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Teskilat Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles HD

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Teskilat episode 32 Urdu subtitles, are you crazy? You will kill that woman. He’s not dead, I don’t care if he dies. The only thing I care about is our soldiers who will die when this hard drive ships. Teskilat episode 32 Urdu subtitles What are you doing? What are you doing? you’re cute There’s a mob. I know okay, calm down. My Lord my lord! What are you doing? I did my job when you let go of my hand Finally. I thought you’d never come We’re waiting for the others to come out. All right, open the door. Look, the key’s right there. Let’s get out of here now.

Gurjan, I don’t have time to deal with you now

Teskilat episode 32 Hi! Hey take me with you Decide for me. Hello Murat! I took a friend to see a cyber expert. Who’s this? Where is he here? This is where you will continue your life from now on. Son. Father. I assume he is behind this business. Gurjan, I don’t have time to deal with you right now. Sit down now.

Teskilat Episode 32 in Urdu Subtitles HD

Teskilat Episode 32 in English Subtitles HD

Publishing date is 31-01-2022

After all, this idea is not mine. Of course not. If it was up to you, you’d rather rot in jail, wouldn’t you? I said that Gurjan not now. What’s the situation? Hulky gets shot. The righteous continue to confront men, my President. Gurjan, we are in the middle of two very important operations. Come sit down. What? So this is happening now?

One of us has to take charge of the incident!
Are you alive? Yes. Keep calm and please have a seat. Teskilat Episode 32 Subtitle Urdu, Come on. What is Serdar’s position? He accidentally hit Serdar Cheren’s car. But it’s in good shape. I just got out of the car. I’ll wake up in a minute. We need to get a hard drive. I’ll be up in a minute! We have to go. Serdar walking, damn it! Hello, I’m going to report an accident. One of us has to take charge of the incident. Clean this without hesitation. All right, President. Gurjan works for you. Please stay away. Don’t get too close. I called an ambulance. All right, sir, I understand.



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