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Teskilat Episode 51 Urdu, English, Español Subtitles HD

Teskilat episode 51 Gülcan, we’ve gotten the hang of this during this period. Thank you See the most recent activity Will the gathering take place, Ali? Inn We will stay in this space prior to the gathering. You will be alone because of this Inn team 3. Serdar, you will succeed Zehra as the freshly married couple’s thoughtful spouse will delve into these characteristics and you will engage in information-gathering and relationship-building activities around the lodging.

Pnar, you won’t pay attention to the letter drop while determining the gathering opportunity. Yes, I am aware that it is a tedious task, but we have made some progress. We have discovered one of these letter drops, which are left in regular post boxes around the chime to inform the members of the gathering while the gathering date is known.

This will happen on its own. How shall I react? In your bedroom you will be. The inn’s head of food and drink has a request for employment on file. As clients, Zehra and Serdar Lodging will disappear. Aside from that, I work. That is how I understand it, but you will be in the kitchen.

Teskilat Episode 51 Urdu Subtitles

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Teskilat Episode 51 English Subtitles

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Publishing date is 17-10-2022


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