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Teskilat Episode 55 Urdu, English Subtitles HD

Teskilat Episode 55 I struggled to decide because it is so gorgeous. Additionally, there are models. Forgive me. See how I can assist you. Looking at the tie cuts, it is clear that you are having a fantastic time. Since I truly didn’t make that decision, we are not dating. Telling your better half before the young lady was fantastic. I was born and raised in this area. It’s awful that the street pharmacist was not present. Look, the situation right now looks like this: Look, get in the car, this is your life, for my benefit. Aslan here. Do you understand? I’m out and I’m out. Thank you, sibling. I won’t listen to it again. Give it to the strays as well. Embrace Sefik Thank you for the news.

How long could you possibly stand slowly losing track of where you are, how awful is that, isn’t it? Would you choose to pass away in this manner? Pay attention to me and write down the reason that you wanted to kill me. They used to claim that because you are the only survivor, the record should be closed. Do you realise that they often said that the dead have a record as to why they said the expense was necessary? Please don’t divert me at this expense, okay? I have no idea what your name is, and the only thing I can think of right now is a triangle-shaped tattoo. Urdu Teskilat on

Teskilat Episode 55 A star and a serpent are painted on one of the tusks in the shape of a triangle. It is clear at this point that this is all there is to it. Yes, I would say that I had no idea that this lovely city even existed. Is this your most cherished memory? Yes, around a half year, multiple days, and twelve hours and thirty-five minutes have passed. I’m sorry, but why do you think you are viewing me in this way? Someone must be aware of my presence even though I am unaware of their ill intentions. I think they wanted to kill me right now. Is this what you mean by flying? steadily progressing

Do you understand that while I was there, I killed my friends and the knowledge workers who were employed by this express? Even though it’s not raining, I’m having bad dreams every time I wash the dishes or plan breakfast. Sometimes, I feel like I need to take a knife to my head to change my brain. Do you think it’s particularly unfortunate that they were also my friends? You might think I don’t think about things like that. Pnar Hulki Serdar, or simply put, Hakki is the apex of the enormous net. Urdu Teskilat on

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