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The Oath (Soz) Season 2 Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 29 With Urdu subtitles, you know, because you serve the state of Bravo, Turkey, you cut the role. Pull tight. But if I help, we’ll make it easier. You talk too much. Please, we haven’t killed you yet. Walk. Hulk, wake up! Stand up. Hulk, wake up. my god! Hulk! Jan! I saw it in a documentary. The big bear is chasing a man. The man runs away. Then the bears surrounded the man. The man lay dead. The bear came later, sniffed it, roamed around, and so on. Then the bears left.

Is this the whole conflict or something going on?
Remember, if an old bear or something gets caught, you’ll just lie around like the dead. Hold your breath, you will think of other things without acting like it. Did you say bear? What if it’s a bucket? That’s right, brother. Thank you very much. Process completed. Pascal is on his way. Safe. You can return to base. Pascal was convinced that he had escaped alone, President. I followed the van. WELL. One minute, one minute. Is this the whole conflict or something going on? I’m Uzai. My Analyst The Oath Soz, Season 2, Episode 28, with Urdu subtitles, we will work with you. Sorry, it came at such a point. We meet slowly. Gurjan, you can use this computer. Very good machine.

Your shoulders are in bad shape!

If I suppressed it a little, I would even blow up the state central bank. Dad says did I hear wrong? You heard right, didn’t you? The president said he was my son. Run. A woman. Traffic accident. Minor injury. In the thirties. WELL. Yes, without shaking. All right, be careful. Inspect. Good. Yes. Hold on tight. Good. Where’s my bag? Here. Don’t worry ma’am, here’s your bag. Come on. I’m fine, I have nothing. Ma’am, please have a seat. The doctor will come soon. Sit down. I feel dizzy. Your shoulder is in bad shape. Is there anyone you want to contact? I didn’t get over it. Thank you. Brother, I have finished the report. I also wrote the time and place of the accident



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