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The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 84 With Urdu Subtitles

Episode 84 of The Oath Soz with Urdu, Season 3 The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 84 With Free Subtitles In Urdu, You are not necessary to give a reason for coming. yastmastmastmas, and You can see that I’m in good shape. I wasn’t forced to come here. How? It was caught on camera. You were actually abducted by them. Do I seem to be being taken? I’m not sure, I guess. You mentioned that your terrible father was seeking for you. That was for fun. No one is pointing a pistol at my head, as you can see. to have fun? Are you on my side? Yes, I concur. How? I had had enough of being idle. I was seeking a little thrill. I wished to experiment with

Be reasonable; he is my father. What gives him the right to terrify me? As you can see, we’re eating dinner with our family and friends. Please don’t make a scene. You see, I’ve known a lot of men before. murderers, thieves, and individuals of all moral persuasions. You’re saying that, Melisa, yet something about your eyes is different. Wait a second. Why do you care so much about me? Do you feel anything for me? Without a doubt. Certainly, you are. Man, have you ever checked your reflection? recently, specifically. Look in the mirror. Additionally, look at me. View this residence as well. Do you believe we could get along? urmariaveauaveaulentrez invataétaientétaient were were were were were were wereétaient wereétaient

The guests are waiting. I apologise for it. I may have played with your emotions, but I didn’t mean to. No action is possible. Let’s finish this up. Alright. Let’s finish this up. But, Ms. Melisa, you should know this. The Oath Soz’s Season 3 Episode 84 with Urdu Subtitles You are not using this heart as a toy. I’m telling you this to prevent you from harming other people. Besides, I’ve witnessed far worse. Get to your posh table and start eating your fancy meals. I won’t disturb you again if my name is Keshanli. You are a very kind man. Ms. Melisa, your father wants to see you. We are sorry. Melissa is the same way. She likes to be helpful.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 84 English Subtitles

The Oath (Soz) Episode 84 Urdu subtitles

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