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The shocking event of Hulagu Khan’s death

Born 15 October 1218 …… Died 8 February 1265. Hulagu Khan, the most cruel and savage man in the world, was sitting proudly on his horse. Rows of Tatar forces were standing all around. , Who was to be killed today by Hulagu Khan on his orders,

Hulagu Khan Biography – Facts, Life History & Achievements of Mongol Ruler

Then the tyrant said, behead them!

And the executioner began to cut off the heads of the people, one in the first row went to the neck of the other, the third to the fourth, in the first row stood an innocent old poor prisoner who was also the sole breadwinner of his house, he was afraid of death. Reason moved to second row, first row completely cleared,

Hulagu Khan’s eyes saw the old man as he left his first row for fear of death and moved to the second row. Seeing the scene of Aan’s murder, he was making himself happy with this game.

Hulagu Khan, Digital Arts by Kazmi | Artmajeur

The executioners began to wield swords in the second row, their necks falling to the ground,

The executioners were wielding swords and fountains of blood were gushing and falling on the ground. Hulagu Khan’s eyes were fixed on the old man that now the third row is the last, then where will he try to hide? Who can save this stupid old man from my sword? If I killed millions of people, how long will he survive?

The sword of the executioners in the third row was falling like lightning, Hulagu Khan’s eyes were constantly on this old man how he is restless and restless due to death When he reached this old Baba, the voice of Hulagu Khan echoed,

Stop! Don’t tell her now

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Baba Bata ran from the first row to the second row.

When she was finished she ran to the third row,

Baba, tell me now, there is no other line behind you, now where will you run, now who will save you from me?

The old man looked up at the sky and said, I left the first row so that I might escape in the second, but death also reached there, then I left the second row, so that I might survive in the third,

Hulaku raised the thunderbolt in his hand and said, “Baba, what kind of imaginary person are you talking about? Can anyone save you from my sword?”

The old Muslim said with the utmost faith in this one and only God who is the owner of everything in the heavens and the earth.

Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The  House Of Wisdom In Baghdad - Ancient Pages

How to save? Hulagu Khan became so arrogant that thunder fell from his hand.

Hulagu Khan was a shrewd warrior, a shrewd warrior and a clever man. He got out of the stirrup and got down from his horse, while the other foot got stuck in the stirrup.

Hulagu Khan’s horse was so frightened that he ran away. Hulaku tried hard to save himself. The army also moved but the horse was so powerful that no one could control it. Even the head of the slain man was so bloodied by the beating of stones that in a few minutes his soul left his arrogant being and reached hell.

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By the time the Lashkar overtook Hulagu Khan’s mighty horse after a great deal of effort, his head had been badly crushed.

Hulagu’s army became so frightened of this old man that the army deliberately ignored him and Baba walked towards his house with great ease.

Fear the sigh of the oppressed because when he turns to Allah, acceptance comes from far away to receive him!



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