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The Spanish Princess Episode 2 English Subtitles

The Spanish Princess is a limited-time television series developed by Emma Frost and Matthew Graham for Starz. Based on the novels The Constant Princess (2005) and The King’s Curse (2014) by Philippa Gregory, it is the sequel to the miniseries The White Queen and The White Princess.

The focus is Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope), the Spanish princess of the same name who became Queen of England as the first wife of King Henry VIII (Ruairi O’Connor).

The first eight episodes were created as a limited series of 16 episodes and aired on May 5, 2019. On June 3, 2019, Starz ordered the remaining eight episodes, which premiered on October 11, 2020. The series finale aired on November 29. 2019 . . 2020

The teenage daughter of Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Spanish rulers Isabella and Ferdinand, she eventually travels to England to meet her husband Arthur, Prince of Wales, heir to Henry VII of England, to whom she was betrothed as a child. Unpopular with some, he and his multiracial courtiers, including the lady-in-waiting Lina, who was of Moorish descent, struggled to adapt to British customs.

Catherine is horrified to learn that Arthur’s brother, the arrogant Henry, the Duke of York, is the author of the romantic correspondence she receives. When Arthur dies suddenly, his fate of bringing peace between Spain and England seems to be in doubt until he sets his sights on Prince Henry.



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