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Tozkoparan Season 1 Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles HD

Tozkopran, Episode 6, he is running away from the fox, the snake that bites in this land. Just like I know where Age Bey is. Where? If the Black Shaman Togai agrees with me, you’ll know where he is. Togai and I both know very well why the Turks are advancing west. I found out who Osman had documents for the settlement of Turkmenistan. What do you want in return? We have a common enemy in Geyhatu.

In place of Osman’s head,
I promise Togai Omur mania. Not. my nephew. Choose no! Sir! Oh veteran, I have one last request from you, don’t die. No! Sir! what happened to your brother? I will tell you brother. My child! My child! Sir! Not! lena! Let us! Open your eyes! You have nowhere to go! lena! Let’s help the Alps come! and the people we trust the most. What do you think, Miss Malhun? Have you heard that no one knows he is going to war except the master? Should the prosecutor suspect the man? Or from Dundar Bay

Quickly prepare the healing tent!
Take the wounded Alps! Come on! Don’t shake! Osman is gone. Thank goodness Aigul is back. My Baikhoka! mom I’m leaving You can’t go Make Lena think about the baby, Lena! Come on Alps! Bring the injured! Wait! Ladies, let’s prepare a tent for a speedy recovery! Don’t shake! Let’s set up a tent for a speedy recovery! my nephew! You will live, open your eyes Tozkopran Episode 1 Open your eyes, I will not leave you, open your eyes Baihoka! I won’t let you open your eyes! I won’t let you open your eyes!

Wait, nephew! I will not let you go,
boo! What are you waiting for, Mr Dundar, go and treat the injured. Bring clean towels! my race! Pimple! Don’t pull the towel, you have to press it against the wound, dog. hold on to. I hope so. Hurry up, I’ll catheterize the wound. Come on. How did you get ambushed? They know our future. Come on, come on! It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t stop! My prosecutor’s blood doesn’t stop! No, wait, my son! Don’t close your eyes, open your eyes! Don’t close your eyes! Son Tozkopran Episode 1

Wait, my lion. my courage
hold on to! Let’s open our eyes, don’t go like this, my son! Mr. Nicholas has learned everything. We were ambushed, they shot Baihoka. What happened, where are the others? Where is Osman Bey located? We have been robbed. We have martyrs and even wounded. Though fear doesn’t help death. Osman Bey will surely see Nicholas and Flatos retaliate with bloody hands. So Osman Bey and his Alps went off to get this job done, ah. He won’t be back until it’s over. I know. Do not worry.

My concern is that they are not two degenerate people
he’s behind. What worries me are the words that came out of Potter Idris’s dog mouth before he died. who are you dog I would say, I would say, I would say anything. Those who seek betrayal are closest to you, Osman Bey. what do you mean dear As Idris Inin said, Osman Bey must be wary of his closest enemy. First he had to find the traitor in the camp. Even the Alps didn’t know where and what war they were fighting. Don’t worry about Osman Bey. My Dad Says He Taught Us Not To Trust Anyone, Tozkopran, Episode 21



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