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Who was Orhan Khan ibn Osman ibn Artugrul

Orhan Khan ibn ‘Osman ibn Artugrul was born in 1288 and ascended the throne in 1326. His elder brother Alauddin was inclined towards religious sciences from the beginning while Khan was inclined towards Sipahgari and Aspgari. He had been involved in many wars with his father ‘Uthman. He was 41 years old when he was made caliph.

He promoted his older brother, Alauddin, to the post of prime minister, later to be known as Pasha Khan. The most important of Alauddin’s accomplishments was military reform. The Seljuk king Alauddin allowed Uthman to issue coins in his own name in addition to his own name in the sermon, but Uthman only agreed to the sermon and did not issue coins.

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To eliminate them, new coins were created in the name of Khan. In terms of clothing, different classes of clothing were created. If the situation had arisen, the warriors would have been called in and each soldier would have got his booty. It would not be wrong to say that Khan was the first founder of the Ottoman Empire. Regular constitution of the country was made, roads were repaired, mosques and madrassas were built in which the services of the best scholars of that time were obtained.

Orhan Khan , in accordance with his father’s will, made Brussa his caliphate and built this city and a magnificent mosque and madrasa in it which was the first madrasa of the Ottoman Empire. Orhan Khan most important achievement was the formation of Annie Cherie. In fact, the army that Orkhan organized was full of familial bigotry. The sultan feared that God willing, When the problem of class support arose, it was no less of a great danger to him. Therefore, he needed an army that did not have racial prejudice. An army should be formed to convert Musharraf from Islam. The Sultan liked his plan very much. This army is called Yeni Cheri or Ankasharia. The identity of this army was that this army wore a long white hat which And this was done in imitation of Sheikh Haji Baktash of Khan.

And Khan conquered a number of territories, most notably Nicopedia, Qurayshi, and Naisa. The second largest city of In addition, the area of ​​Qurasi was conquered in 1333 AD.

Orhan Khan main step was to enter Europe. There were only two ways to enter Europe, one was Constantinople and the other was Daniel Pass. She was against the empire and was very strong. But it so happened that after the death of Qurayshi Amir Turk, her eldest son succeeded her but killed her younger brother instead of contributing to the rule. In this attack Qurasi was conquered and the eldest son escaped. So in 737 AH Qurasi and Khan were completely captured. The king of the Byzantine Empire, Andropex III, died in 1339. His queen was named Anonymous and a minor boy named Plio Logs. Kanta Kozin, seeing that he was on the verge of defeat, appealed to Khan for help and in return gave his daughter to Orkhan. He promised to give her in marriage. And Khan helped Kanta Kozin by sending an army of 6,000 soldiers. Was on and its king was Anta Kozin himself.

If we talk about the character of Aur Khan, he was a compassionate, pious, humble man. He treated his subjects equally and had great respect for the scholars.

Orhan Khan son whose name was Suleiman Shah and who really deserved succession and who had occupied Gali Polly, fell from a horse while hunting and died in 1358. And Khan was greatly affected by his separation. Two years later, at the age of eighty-two, he died in 1361 AH, in 760 AH, and was buried in Bursa.

The map shows Gali Polly, an important fortress on the western side of the Daniel Pass and important as a route to Europe, located 343 km northwest of Bursa (Ottoman capital). This fort was first conquered by Salman Pasha, son of Khan and it is still part of Turkey.



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