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Who Was Sultan Alpaslan, Complete History

Birth of Seljuk Sultan Alp Arsalan

Alp Arsalan was a Seljuk sultan who was born on January 6, after his uncle Tughral Beg. He ruled from 1063 to 1072. He was a very alert and brave king. The famous mastermind Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi was appointed Minister of the Empire on the recommendation of his father Chaghari Beg. During his reign the borders of the Seljuk Empire became very wide. He first included Herat and Jund (Trans-Canal) in his territory. Then he defeated the Fatimid ruler and annexed Mecca and Medina.

This increased the influence of the Seljuks in the Islamic world. When the Byzantines invaded, on 26 August 1071, they were defeated at the Battle of Malazkard. And Caesar Rome arrested Romanus IV. Caesar Rome not only paid the ransom and agreed to pay tribute.

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Instead, he married his daughter to the Sultan’s son and gave her the territories of Armenia and Georgia. Khwarizmi Governor Yusuf al-Khwarizmi, who was taken prisoner in a campaign against the Turks, was severely wounded by the sword and died four days later, on November 25, 1072, at the age of just 42 years. Alp Arsalan was buried near the grave of his father Chaghari Beg in Marwa.

The Seljuk Empire was a Muslim kingdom established in the Middle East and Central Asia between the 11th and 14th centuries AD. It is significant in Muslim history because it was the last major Islamic empire after the fall of the Abbasid dynasty. Its borders stretched from China on one side to the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side from Aden to Khwarazm and Bukhara.

His era can be called the last great era of the history of Islam that is why Seljuk has a special place in Muslim history. Taking advantage of the political turmoil in the Muslim Ummah that began with the fall of the Seljuks, the people of Europe imposed crusades on the Muslims and occupied the holiest place (Jerusalem) in the heart of the Islamic world.

Alp Arsalan took over the reins of power after the death of his uncle Beg

Alp Arsalan took over the reins of power after the death of his uncle Beg. Although there were some power struggles in the country, Alp Arsalan overcame these conflicts in time and took control of the situation.

Alp Arsalan, like his late uncle Tughral Beg, was a very resourceful, experienced leader and a sincere leader with a courageous personality. He adopted a very wise policy to expand the country’s borders which were under the control of the Seljuk Empire.

The Great Warriors — سلطان محمد الپ ارسلان : ایک متقی اور پرہیز گار...

First he ensured their stability and then he moved towards the outside world. Sultan Alp Arsalan was always anxious for jihad for the sake of Allah and for the propagation of Islam in his neighboring Christian empires.

He always tried to include Armen and Rome in the Islamic pen. In fact, he was a sincere mujahid and the spirit of Islamic Jihad was the only factor which helped Alp Arsalan to achieve great success. And his jihadist activities took on a religious color.

Alparslan is a Warrior

Alp Arsalan: A Personality This great leader of the Seljuk Empire appeared as a sincere jihadi figure and a man very zealous for the propagation of Islam in the Christian areas For seven years before expanding the borders of his country, he reviewed the situation in remote areas of his country and when he was satisfied with the law and order situation in those areas, he achieved his great goals. Started planning for They now had one goal in mind.

Alp Arslan’s goals are to conquer the Christian territories in the vicinity of the Seljuk Empire, to overthrow the Fatimid rule in Egypt, and to unite the whole Islamic world under the banner of the Abbasid Caliphs and the Seljuk Empire. Alp Arslan formed a huge army to carry out his plan and led this army towards Armen and Jo Jia. These areas were soon conquered by them.

The Northern Territory (Prevarsh) Alp Arslan advanced and Mardasi ruled Aleppo in the northern part of Prevarsh. The foundation of this empire was laid by Saleh bin Mardas in 1023 AH according to 414 AH.

سلجوقی سلطنت 'مسلمانوں کو ایک مرکز پر جمع کرنے والی آخری سلطنت'

It was a Shiite empire. Alp Arsalan besieged the Mardai Empire and forced its ruler Mahmud bin Saleh bin Mardas to submit to the rule of the Abbasid Caliph instead of the Fatimid Caliph of Egypt and to obey the orders of this government.

Turkish-born leader Atencer bin Oq Khawarizmi was sent to invade southern Syria. Khawarizmi snatched Ramallah and Jerusalem from the Fatimids but could not capture Ashkelon, a major gateway into Egyptian territory.

Thus the Seljuqs approached the center of Caliph Abbasi and Sultan Seljuk inside Jerusalem. The messenger reported that the Sharif of Makkah was delivering a sermon in the name of Khalifa al-Qaim Pasha and Sultan Alp Arsalan, and from now on he would obey the orders of the Abbasid Caliphate instead of the Obeidi Empire.

The messenger also said that the words of Hayat Ali Khair al-Amal and other (Shia words) az will not be repeated in Makkah Sharif. The Sultan highly honored the Messenger of Mecca.

Thirty thousand dinars were sent to the governor of Makkah in the service of Makkah and it was said that if the governor of Madinah would do so then twenty thousand dinars would be offered in his service. Intended to defend his monarchy at all costs. So for this purpose he sent his whole army into the war against the Seljuks.

The Battle of Rumi and Seljuk

The Battle of Rumi and Seljuk The battle of Malazkard is one of the most important battles fought between the Roman and Seljuk armies. And in this battle the Roman emperor Dominus marched on the armies like a mountain.

These armies included soldiers from Rome, Russia, Britain and many other countries. Domanos’s war preparations were also good. There were 35 participants in this lashkar.

And there were two hundred thousand horsemen in every way. 35,000 foreign and 15,000 other wars besides those belonging to Constantinople. In addition, one lakh niqabs (diggers) and one lakh diggers continued for a thousand days, carrying four-wheeled vehicles loaded with military uniforms, weapons, horse saddles, catapults and anti-pen tools. Among these catapults was a catapult driven by 1,200 men.

Domanos (may God bless him) did all this with the aim of eradicating Islam and the people of Islam. He was so proud of his power that he prematurely declared the Islamic territories to be handed over to his patriarchs, even naming Baghdad after a patriarch. His plan was to launch a one-off offensive against Iraq and Khurasan, to retake the area from the Muslims.

They were thinking and destiny was laughing and saying: Alp Arsalan was a little upset to see the large number of the army, but the jurist Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Abdul Malik Bukhari encouraged him, saying, “These were Hanafi elders.” I am praying for you to attack the enemy at that very moment.

May Allah grant victory to the Sultan for the prayers of the Muslims. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) helped the Muslims and awakened the heads of the Christians. A slave was arrested when he presented Shah Rum to Sultan Alp Arsalan When he arrived, the Sultan whipped him three times with his hand and asked: If I had been arrested and presented before you, what would you have done to me? Domanos said: I used to treat you very badly. Alp Arsalan said: What do you think about me? Domanos said he would either kill me or publicize me in his country or pardon me or release me on ransom. Alp Arsalan said: My intention is to forgive you and release you with ransom. Therefore, the Sultan freed him by taking a ransom of 1.5 million nobles from him. When Du Manus started to leave, the Sultan gave him a drink.

He was very impressed by the good behavior of the Sultan. He fell to the ground and paid homage. The Sultan gave away ten thousand dinars from the ransom so that he could buy it from him. He himself went far to lead it. He released a group of captured prisoners and sent them away with the king so that he would not have to travel alone. The bodyguards had a flag with the word Kalima written on it.

Was not a trivial matter. This incident broke the backs of the Romans. In most parts of Asia Minor, the cotton empire was shaken. These were the areas considered to be the pillars and foundations of the Choromi Empire. This glorious conquest of the Seljuks began to gradually weaken the Byzantine government in these areas, even at a time when the oldest empire was overthrown by the Ottomans.

The incident of the martyrdom of Alp Arsalan

The incident of the martyrdom of Alp Arsalan Alp Arsalan was a pious and pious man. He used both material and spiritual means of victory. He would have benefited from the company of Islamic scholars.

Listen to their advice and follow it. What was the good advice given by the scholar Rabbani Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Abdul Malik Bukhari? He said: Sultan! He is fighting for the protection of the religion of Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty has promised that Allah Almighty will make his religion prevail over all other religions.

On Friday, when the sermons of Islam are being recited in your name on the members and you are praying for the Mujahideen, then let me start the war. God will keep the lodge of the prayers of the Muslims and you will be victorious. When the time came, the Sultan offered the Friday prayers. There was tenderness on it.

The beard marker cried or even the hiccups of the army stopped. The whole army murmured before the Lord. When the Sultan finished his prayers, he addressed the army. Whoever wants to go back, go back.

I have permission from you. I do not stop and order you to go back. I will give you authority but I will fight this Roman soldier alone. He threw an arrow and a bow. Tie your horse with your hand.

He drew his swords and said with a sigh: If I am killed in the field of Jihad, then this shroud of war will be my shroud. And the great general was martyred at the hands of a rebel. The rebel’s name was Yusuf Khawarizi. He died on 10 Rabi-ul-Awal 465 AH according to 1072 AH. He was buried beside his father in the city of Marwa. And leave Malik Shah as his successor.



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