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Who was the first Mongol commander to convert to Islam?

In 1260 AD, the Mongol army suffered a catastrophic defeat in a battle with the Egyptian Mamluks. When the news of this defeat reached Halagu Khan, he became angry.

And killed many unsuccessful generals. During this period, Islam began to spread among the Mongols. Barke Khan, cousin of Hulagu, grandson of Genghis Khan, Barke Khan had converted to Islam, the son of Jochi Khan who was born in 1209 AD.

Who Was Barke Khan | Real History of Berke Khan in Urdu/Hindi | The First  Muslim Mongol Commander - YouTube

According to historians, Barak Khan met and impressed Sufi caravans in Bukhara during a military expedition, and in 660 Hijri Barak Khan declared his conversion to Islam and announced an alliance with Egypt.

Sultan Bibras Sultan Bibros gladly accepted the offer. Burk Khan, ruler of the Golden Horde of the Mongol Empire, in 1262 AD, was preparing to invade Egypt to avenge his defeat.

At that time Burke Khan attacked. Due to the attack on Halagu Khan’s kingdom Burke Khan, Halogo had to postpone his plan to invade Egypt. In the first attack, Halogu Khan repulsed Burke Khan’s army but Barke’s nephew, Negi, drowned most of Hulagu Khan’s army in retaliation.

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When one of Hulagu’s sons was killed while crossing the canal, Halugo took refuge on an island. After this victory, the Muslims of Samarkand and Bukhara joined the barracks army. Apart from oppression, many Mongols were influenced by Barak Khan.

And by the time they converted to Islam, the Mongols had split into two groups – Islamist Mongols and anti-Islamic Mongol historians.

Remembering Berke Khan, 1209-66 - Political Periscope

Our national poet Iqbal says that a part of Iqbal’s poetry about the meaning of one of his poems Burak Khan (Muslim was protected by a Mongol man) in 1266 AD he fell ill while crossing the river in a war campaign Were

Against Halgu’s son and he died shortly after Burke’s death, his grandson Timur continued his alliance with the Egyptian Mamluks and Turkic tribes Was buried.



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